Muzammal’s second post

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Your birds will need access to water 24 hours a day. In a cold climate, maintain a constant water temperature of 20 degrees centigrade for all groups of birds. Ostriches like to scoop and as a result of the feed in their beaks, the water trough gets dirty quickly and therefore needs cleaning regularly.


Birds need constant access to water as this will affect their consumption of dry feed. Water too cold or too hot will affect their water consumption and often result in reduced feed intake.



  • Almost Virgin Market in Pakistan


  • Potential for excellent product quality across a range of products


  • Most Pakistanis like Meat including farming based chicken


  • New and innovative investment opportunity for investors


  • Potential for high production levels of breeder birds


  • Potential for good food conversion efficiency in slaughter birds


  • Longevity of breeder birds


  • Long-term commitment of producers to the future of the farmed ostrich


  • Opportunity to become leading Ostrich exporter of the world


  • Highest immunity level in birds


  • Environment friendly farming




  • Lack of consumer awareness of ostrich meat and leather


  • Lack of ostrich farming knowledge


  • Lack of scientific research


  • Limited supply of quality Breeders/chicks


  • Low confidence level of investors


  • Negligible government support


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